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Juan Sanchez,
Player, Tus Osdorf, Hamburg, Germany
"I think this initiative is coming at the best moment, when the table tennis community was needing connections between players, coaches and clubs to grow up and show diversity in our sport. I love your idea. Thank you very much for making table tennis more interesting and putting together a lot of players and clubs!"
Mohammed Abdulwahab,
Player, Qatar Sports Club, Qatar
"Great website! It looks really good! I think TTT have a great potential, and table tennis needs projects like this."
Aleksey Yefremov,
Head Coach Region Vest Norwegian TTA, Norway
"Great idea and nice implementation. Simple. Convenient. Useful. Best of luck to TTT & ALL members of this community!!"
Michael Olufemi Oyebode,
Head Coach ASD Circolo Prato 2010, Italy
"Table tennis transfers really impressed me, because as a table tennis coach, it is of great importance for players, coaches, clubs and countries to interact. On table tennis transfers, players and coaches are advertised and you can really get to meet top players, top coaches, and even up and coming players. This is a wonderful platform! I recommend that players, coaches and clubs should join TTT."
Boris Vukelić,
Head Coach, Bahrain Junior/Senior National Team
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! Simple, clear and functional! My sincerest recommendations! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Jide Ogidiolu,
Player, Ponta do Pargo, Portugal
"Great way to connect with table tennis players, coaches, clubs. You can find what you looking for or be found. Thanks you for an amazing website."
Kupinić Tina,
Player, ATC San Sebastian, Spain
"Great way to connect with table tennis people from all the world, find a sparring partner, a coach, a club or a player. Find what you are looking for or be found by someone who is looking for you. Absolutely recommend."
Alyass Alyassy,
Player, CTT Olot, Spain
"TTT is something completely new in table tennis which has the future! My recommendation to all players, clubs and coaches and congratulations to TTT!"
Kayque Valois,
Player, Pamplona Oberena, Spain
"Awesome! What a brilliant thing for table tennis people around the world!"
Jakov Krivic,
Senior Coach Aspire Academy, Qatar
"Brilliant platform! Very easy to register and to use. Congratulations to TTT team and best of luck."
Singeorzan Bogdan,
Player, TTS Borsum, Germany
"I absolutely support TTT! Fantastic idea that can revolutionize the sport!"
Radovan Zunjanin,
Head Coach STK PPT, Chairman/Head coach expert commission of the Central Serbia
"TTT is a story that is much needed by table tennis. It opens up many possibilities. TTT connecting people. Big support from me!"
Krstevski Aleks,
Player, STK Pula, Croatia
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Christian Björklund,
Table Tennis Coach, Sweden
"I think that Table Tennis Transfers is a innovation in our sport. It gives all coaches & players an opportunity to  build relationships and spread knowledge’s between each other. Big thanks for an amazing website!"
Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club
Durham, United Kingdom
"Great idea. Bringing table tennis world communication in to the modern era."
Lari Pucar,
Tabletennis and phisical condition coach, STK Pula, Croatia
"Brilliant service and platform for table tennis community. It will be of great help to players, coaches, clubs and academies!"
Ahmad Saadawi,
Player, Al Gharafa Sports Club, Qatar
"This is something we all were waiting for! Superb idea and presentation!"
Rosen Alexandrov,
Sports Physiotherapist, Portugal National Table Tennis Team
"With few clicks you can find your new player, club or coach... Brilliant!"


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